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Batteries for Acer Extensa Series laptops

Our replacement batteries for Acer Extensa Series laptops are made with high quality battery cells. All of our replacement batteries for Acer Extensa Series laptops have been tested and proven to match and/or exceed original battery performance and 100% compatible Original Manufacturer Specifications. Fast Delivery, Easy Returns, and Warranty One Year.

Acer Extensa laptop battery
1Please press "Ctrl+F" to find the battery for your Acer Extensa Series laptop by Model Name or Battery Part Number.
2 How to find one correct battery for my laptop?
For Acer Extensa Series
Extensa 2300
Extensa 2301WLMI
Extensa 2303LC
Extensa 2303LCI
Extensa 2303LM
Extensa 2303LMI
Extensa 2303WLM
Extensa 2303WLMI
Extensa 2304WLM
Extensa 2304WLMI
Extensa 2308LCI
Extensa 2308NCLI
Extensa 2400
Extensa 2480
Extensa 2509
Extensa 2510
Extensa 2510G
Extensa 2511
Extensa 2511G
Extensa 2520
Extensa 3000
Extensa 3000WLM
Extensa 3000WLMI
Extensa 3001LMI
Extensa 3001WLM
Extensa 3001WLMI
Extensa 3002LMI
Extensa 3002WLM
Extensa 3002WLMI
Extensa 3003WLM
Extensa 3003WLMI
Extensa 3100
Extensa 3100WLCI
Extensa 3100WLMI
Extensa 3101WLMI
Extensa 3102NWLMI
Extensa 3102WLCI
Extensa 3102WLMI
Extensa 3102WXMI
Extensa 3103NWLMI
Extensa 3103WLCI
Extensa 3103WLMI
Extensa 3104WLMI
Extensa 4014NWXMI
Extensa 4014WXMI
Extensa 4100
Extensa 4100WLMI
Extensa 4101WLM
Extensa 4101WLMI
Extensa 4102WLM
Extensa 4102WLMI
Extensa 4104WLM
Extensa 4104WLMI
Extensa 4120
Extensa 4120-1404
Extensa 4130
Extensa 4220
Extensa 4220-050508CI
Extensa 4220-051G08MI
Extensa 4220-2148
Extensa 4220-2346
Extensa 4220-2555
Extensa 4230
Extensa 4420
Extensa 4420-050558CI
Extensa 4420-2148
Extensa 4420-2346
Extensa 4420-2555
Extensa 4420-5147
Extensa 4420-5212
Extensa 4420-5237
Extensa 4420-5239
Extensa 4420-5250
Extensa 4420-5483
Extensa 4420-5557
Extensa 4420-5620
Extensa 4420-5808
Extensa 4420-5817
Extensa 4420-5874
Extensa 4420-5910
Extensa 4420-5963
Extensa 4620
Extensa 4620-4054
Extensa 4620-4431
Extensa 4620-4605
Extensa 4620-4648
Extensa 4620-4691
Extensa 4620-4908
Extensa 4620-4963
Extensa 4620-5A2G16MI
Extensa 4620-6194
Extensa 4620-6402
Extensa 4620-6456
Extensa 4620-6736
Extensa 4620Z
Extensa 4620Z-1A0508MI
Extensa 4620Z-2A1G08MI
Extensa 4630
Extensa 4630-4375
Extensa 4630-4485
Extensa 4630-4565
Extensa 4630-4570
Extensa 4630-4658
Extensa 4630-4682
Extensa 4630-4791
Extensa 4630-4912
Extensa 4630-4922
Extensa 4630-582G16MN
Extensa 4630-6182
Extensa 4630-6422
Extensa 4630-731G12M
Extensa 4630G
Extensa 4630G-642G32MN
Extensa 4630G-732G25
Extensa 4630Z
Extensa 4630ZG
Extensa 5010
Extensa 5010WLMI
Extensa 5014WLMI
Extensa 5200
Extensa 5203WLMI
Extensa 5204NWLMI
Extensa 5204WLMI
Extensa 5205NWLMI
Extensa 5205WLMI
Extensa 5210
Extensa 5210-300508
Extensa 5220
Extensa 5220-051G08MI
Extensa 5220-100508
Extensa 5220-100508MI
Extensa 5220-101G08MI
Extensa 5220-1A1G12
Extensa 5220-1A1G16
Extensa 5220-200508
Extensa 5220-201G08
Extensa 5220-201G12MI
Extensa 5220-301G12
Extensa 5230
Extensa 5230E
Extensa 5235
Extensa 5235-301G16MN
Extensa 5235-302G25MN
Extensa 5235-312G25MN
Extensa 5235-312G32MN
Extensa 5235-332G16N
Extensa 5235-571G16N
Extensa 5235-901G16MN
Extensa 5235-902G16MN
Extensa 5235-902G16N
Extensa 5235-902G25MN
Extensa 5235-904G16MN
Extensa 5235G
Extensa 5235G-312G32MN
Extensa 5235G-902G16MN
Extensa 5235Z
Extensa 5235Z-432G16MN
Extensa 5235Z-901G16MN
Extensa 5420G
Extensa 5430
Extensa 5510
Extensa 5512ZWLMI
Extensa 5513NWLMI
Extensa 5513WLMI
Extensa 5513ZWLMI
Extensa 5610
Extensa 5620G
Extensa 5620Z
Extensa 5620Z-1A2G08MI
Extensa 5620Z-1A2G12MI
Extensa 5620Z-2A1G08MI
Extensa 5620Z-2A1G16
Extensa 5620Z-2A2G08MI
Extensa 5620Z-3A1G16
Extensa 5620Z-4A1G16
Extensa 5620Z-4A2G16
Extensa 5630
Extensa 5630-4239
Extensa 5630-4250
Extensa 5630-4666
Extensa 5630-4708
Extensa 5630-4928
Extensa 5630-6545
Extensa 5630-6806
Extensa 5630-6906
Extensa 5630EZ
Extensa 5630G
Extensa 5630Z
Extensa 5630ZG
Extensa 5635
Extensa 5635-5B2G16N
Extensa 5635-6011
Extensa 5635-652G16MN
Extensa 5635-652G16N
Extensa 5635-652G25MN
Extensa 5635-652G25N
Extensa 5635-653G25MN
Extensa 5635-654G25MN
Extensa 5635-654G32MN
Extensa 5635-654G50MN
Extensa 5635-654G64MN
Extensa 5635-662G32MN
Extensa 5635-663G25MN
Extensa 5635-663G32MN
Extensa 5635-676
Extensa 5635-6761
Extensa 5635-6897
Extensa 5635G
Extensa 5635G-654G32
Extensa 5635G-654G50MN
Extensa 5635G-654G64MN
Extensa 5635G-662G25MI
Extensa 5635G-663G32MN
Extensa 5635G-664G25MN
Extensa 5635G-664G32MN
Extensa 5635G-664G32N
Extensa 5635G-664G50MN
Extensa 5635Z
Extensa 5635Z-4224
Extensa 5635Z-422G16MN
Extensa 5635Z-422G25MN
Extensa 5635Z-432G16MN
Extensa 5635Z-432G25MN
Extensa 5635Z-432G32MN
Extensa 5635Z-433G25N
Extensa 5635Z-434G32N
Extensa 5635Z-442G25N
Extensa 5635Z-444G32MN
Extensa 5635Z-444G32N
Extensa 5635Z-451G16MNKK
Extensa 5635Z-4686
Extensa 5635ZG
Extensa 5635ZG-422G25MN
Extensa 5635ZG-423G32N
Extensa 5635ZG-424G32
Extensa 5635ZG-432G25MI
Extensa 5635ZG-432G25MN
Extensa 5635ZG-434G50MI
Extensa 7220
Extensa 7230
Extensa 7230-162G16M
Extensa 7230-162G16MI
Extensa 7230E
Extensa 7230E-162G16MI
Extensa 7230E-162G16MN
Extensa 7620
Extensa 7620G
Extensa 7620Z
Extensa 7630
Extensa 7630-643G25MN
Extensa 7630-643G32MN
Extensa 7630-652G25MN
Extensa 7630-6560
Extensa 7630-6950
Extensa 7630EZ
Extensa 7630EZ-422G16MN
Extensa 7630EZ-422G25MN
Extensa 7630EZ-423G32MN
Extensa 7630EZ-424G50MN
Extensa 7630EZ-434G50MN
Extensa 7630EZ-442G25MN
Extensa 7630EZ-442G32MN
Extensa 7630G
Extensa 7630G-582G25MI
Extensa 7630G-582G25MN
Extensa 7630G-582G25N
Extensa 7630G-592G25N
Extensa 7630G-642G25MN
Extensa 7630G-642G25N
Extensa 7630G-652G26N
Extensa 7630G-653G25MN
Extensa 7630G-654G32MN
Extensa 7630G-654G50MN
Extensa 7630G-662G25MN
Extensa 7630G-663G25MN
Extensa 7630G-663G32
Extensa 7630G-664G50MN
Extensa 7630G-732G25N
Extensa 7630G-752G25MN
Extensa 7630Z
Extensa 7630Z-322G25N
Extensa 7630Z-342G25N
Extensa 7630Z-422G25MN
Extensa 7630ZG
Extensa 7630ZG-434G50MN
Extensa EX2509
Extensa EX2510
Extensa EX2510G
Acer Laptop Models

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